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How to create Document file – Google Docs

How to create Document file – Google Docs

google docs vs microsoft word vs open office How to create Document file   Google Docs


How to create Document file – Google Docs


You must have face a situation when you were about to create a document file (say a Microsoft Word file) and soon realized that you don’t have Microsoft Office installed on your PC. Later, you make calls or text your friends asking them whether they have a setup to install Microsoft Word. If the answer was yes, then you would cheer and simply complete your job. What if the answer was no? That’s right, you would download the whole 700MB of complete Microsoft Office setup.
But, if you had knowledge about Google Docs, then you would have not even thought of calling your friend to ask him for the installation setup.
Don’t get confused, if you still don’t know what Google Docs is, you can anytime learn about it just by clicking here.

So, in a more precise and short method, Google Docs helps you to create a microsoft word file, text file, adobe reader, rich text file, open office document file and some more files without the installation of any program in your computer. Now, in the above case, you don’t have any need to install any Microsoft Office. Neither you need to spend money for buying it. Just login into Google docs account using your google account, and there you go!

Its as easy as counting from 1 to 10.

Now the following pictorial tutorial will guide you on how to create a document file using Google Docs.

The following tutorial is on ‘how to create a microsoft word file using Google Docs’. You follow the same procedure to create any other document file. But, at the end, you save document as per according your need.

Pictorial Tutorial:
(If you are facing problem in seeing the content of the image, then just Right Click, click Copy Image Location, and then open a New Tab and paste the link & hit enter. This way, you’ll be able to see the contents of the image clearly)


Step 1.

Click of Create on the left side bar and select Document.

Untitled 11 How to create Document file   Google Docs


Step 2.

A new page will open where you can type your text. It has almost every option including the font style, size, type, justifications, line spacing, color etc. Almost every function that is required to make a document.

Untitled 21 How to create Document file   Google Docs


Step 3.

After completing your editing, just click on File, and select from the options available. If you want to save it on your computer, then click Download as, and if you want to mail it to someone, the simply click on Email as attachment.

Untitled 31 How to create Document file   Google Docs


Step 4.

In the following tutorial, we are saving the document as a Microsoft Word Document (.docx) on our Computer.

Untitled 41 How to create Document file   Google Docs


Step 5.

Now this is how it looks when you open the same saved file created by Google Docs in Microsoft Word.

Untitled 51 How to create Document file   Google Docs


Step 6.

Incase, you lost your created file, you’ll always have it stored in your Google Drive.

Untitled 61 How to create Document file   Google Docs



Also, Google Docs keeps Auto-Saving your document. So there is no fear of losing your created files in case of power failure or some other failure.

Google Docs is really flexible. Moreover, you can open and edit a previously existing file that is residing in your hard disk. To do that, click Create, hit File, now click Open and browse for the file you want to open and edit.


This video tutorial might help you, so we recommend you to watch it.
Video Tutorial on How to use Google Docs:



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